Making Glitter Name FilesMaking Glitter Name Files

Ever wanted to make those beautiful glitter names that you see so often? Well, this tutorial will teach you how to create the files for them!

1) Decide on the name you will be turning into a glitter name. I will be using "Austin".

2) Open up Paint Shop Pro and create a new file sized 500 x 150 pixels. Really, you can make the size anything so long as your name will fit on it. To do all this, go to File > New..., and change the height and width. Then click Ok.

3) Now, add your name to the image. To do this, click the text tool. It is on the left hand side of the screen usually, and looks like this: . You can make the colors whatever you want your glitter name to be, such as blue, green, brown, yellow, etc. You can choose your colors in the materials palette, which looks like this:

The top box, which is also black, is the text border color. The lower box, which is blue, is the text body color. To change them, just click in the box you want to change to select the color. My colors will be black and blue. You can make your font and size whatever you want as well, but the thicker and bigger, the better. Your image should now look something like this:

4) Now, you need to duplicate this image 2 times, by going to Window > Duplicate. Or, press Shift+D on your keyboard. Once you have duplicated this image 2 times, you should have a total of 3 images, all exactly the same.

5) Now switch to one of the images, and go to Adjust > Add/Remove Noise > Add Noise.

A box should popup titled "Auto Actions", asking you to convert the current layer into a raster layer. Just click OK. If you do not receive this message, then don't worry about it.

6) Now you should see the Add Noise box. All you need to do here is fill in the circle for "Random", check the monochrome box, and change the Noise to 50%. Now click ok.

You should now see that glitter has been added to your image. Verify below that your image looks similar to mine now.

If so, then you are almost done!

7) Now, save and close this file as a gif file, and open one of the duplicates. Follow steps 5 and 6 again, except this time change "Random" to "Uniform". Now, save and close this image as well. And finally, open the last duplicate. Follow steps 5 and 6 again, except change "Random" to "Gaussian". Once again, save and close this image as a gif file.

Your done! You now have your glitter name files! Now all you have to do is put them together by animating them.

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