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Making good looking blends in Paint Shop Pro is not as hard as it sounds, its actually very easy! Please note that I used Paint Shop Pro XI, but the steps should be pretty much the same for most versions.

1) Find the 2 images that you want to blend together. One needs to be the base image, the other needs to be your blending image. The base image will be what is seen most in your final image, the blending image is the image that is blended in so that it looks faded in a way. Below are the 2 images I used.

This is my base image1

This is my blending image2.

2) Open up both images in Paint Shop Pro. Then copy the blending image, by going to Edit (in the very top menu) > Copy. Or, you can press the "ctrl" and "y" keys on your keyboard at the same time.

3) Paste your copied blending image into your main image as a new layer. To do this, switch over to your main image, and go to Edit (in the very top menu) > Paste As New Layer. Or, you an press the "ctrl" and "z" keys at the same time on your keyboard.

4) Select the blending image that you pasted into your base image as a new layer in the layers palette. The layers palette is usually located on the right hand side of the application. If you do not see the layers palette, go to View (in the very top menu) > Palettes > Layers. Alternatively, you can just press "F8" on your keyboard.

5) Change the Opacity of your blending layer(image) to whatever you think looks best. You can easily do this by clocking in the area, outlined in yellow, shown below.

You can also right click on the blending layer and click Properties, once you do that a window should pop up, and in there you can find another way to change the opacity.

Well, you are done! One more thing though, when you are ready to save your image, unless you want to save it as a .psp file, then you will need to merge the layers. You can do this by going to Layers (in the very top menu) > Merge > Merge All (Flatten). Now, you want to see how mine turned out? Well, here it is (I used opacity of 48):

1 Image courtesy of

2 Image courtesy of

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